Overhead Squat with PVC

by admin

You can’t say too many positive things about this fantastic exercise. The Overhead Squat is a full body, full range-of-motion, demanding yet safe exercise, that is easily modified by simply holding your hands overhead, holding a pole or, as in this video, a PVC pipe; as you get stronger, you can hold any type of weight: one-handed dumbbell, two-handed bar or dumbell – it’s all good!

Sitting is the new smoking!
Do squats or overhead squats at your desk, before, during and after running/jogging and they will serve you very well. Do them every day or at least every other day for good posture and to counter the negative effects of sitting (driving, computer, watching TV). We do way too much sitting in our modern culture – “sitting is the new smoking” – now that’s scary! But overhead squats are the antidote to sitting)


IMPORTANT COACHING TIP: When doing Overhead Squats remember to KEEP YOUR ARMS UP AND BACK and make sure you squat low enough where your hip is lower than your knee.

Here’s a great step-by step coaching video from our bros at Crossfit Wicked:

And another from Crossfit Boston:

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