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What is The Bonfire Program?
The Bonfire Program is a free, web-based Lifestyle Transformation Program that makes it easy for you to add 39 good habits to your life in 90 days. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get healthier.

  • Free Meal Plans & Recipes
  • Free Workouts & Exercise Coaching
  • Free Life / Stress management through daily Journaling & Inspirational articles
  • Tons of other resources, tools, and an awesome community

What do you get?
The Bonfire Program delivers an easy to follow, systematic approach to adding good habits to your life. We do not focus on quitting bad habits – but rather, adding good ones.

As a participant in the program, you have FREE access to our rich resource libraries:

  • Our cookbook which is full of delicious health-promoting recipes, cooking instructions (including videos), and shopping lists
  • A collection of fun and effective exercises and scalable workouts (including coaching videos and instruction)
  • Complete access to our Journaling tools and resources that will guide you through thought-life exercises, life-management tools, and stress reduction practices.

There are three different ways to enjoy the Bonfire Experience:

  1. Visit  as often as you’d like. Browse the resources, use our tools, media, or articles – or just keep in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Visit the site daily and follow the Daily Bonfire Program.
  3. Or register to have the complete Bonfire Program emailed to you directly – FOR FREE!

How do we do it?
We’ve taken what science has proven to produce health and integrated it with social change technology – the methods that help you successfully make change and easily adopt the lifestyle strategies that will make you healthier.

We’ve used this system successfully with tens of thousands of our patients, and now it’s available to you – for FREE.

The truth is that it can be hard to live healthy.
It’s hard to make healthy choices. It’s hard to live naturally in an unnatural world…in fact, it’s too easy to live unnaturally. You are surrounded by unhealthy choices. Your life is probably incredibly busy and it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. Let’s face it, healthy choices are usually more expensive and less convenient than unhealthy choices. The result? People have never been sicker.

Whether your concerns include weight loss, stress management, heart disease, anxiety, energy, attitude, fitness, or optimal function, the Bonfire Program utilizes the most current, evidence-based strategies to help you create the body, the health, and the life that you want and deserve.

On behalf of the entire Bonfire team, we welcome you!

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