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Recipe Database
Not in the mood for an item on the MOD (Menu of the Day)? Explore our delectable dishes. Substitute any of our recipes at any time. We have hundreds of healthy meals, snacks and treats that are easy to prepare.  Use the widget to the right labeled COOK to browse, select, and plan meals with detailed ingredient lists and detailed instructions.  We have also compiled some tips on Planning and Preparation and Food Shopping. As well as a Master Shopping List for beginners and a Weekly Shopping List for Bonfire veterans.

Exercise Database
Check out our Exercise Index. We’ve put together a constantly-growing index of movements. Video and instructions are available for each exercise.  Substitute any of these movements for the movements that are prescribed in the WOD (Workout of the Day).  We have divided things into Strength, Flexibility, Gymnastics, Balance, Coordination and utterly essential Basic Movements that everyone should strive to master. Everything is also available in the WORKOUT widget on the right.

Journaling Database
Tools, questions to reflect on, and little bits of inspiration. Use the JOURNAL widget to see what we have collected and challange yourself. A great place to start is to watch the Total Life Conditioning Video Tutorial.