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Welcome Bonfire Affiliates!

Bonfire is a free resource, a free tool for anyone to use to get healthier or to help others get healthier. It can also earn you money.

For example, Bonfire is designed to be integrated into the lifestyle education recommendations that a chiropractic office, a Crossfit box, or a health coach utilizes for their patients, members or clients. Bonfire is free to use yet can generate revenue through affiliate product sales. This can be accomplished in different ways:

1. Carry the products themselves – Bonfire will sell you the products at a wholesale price and you retail them to your customers for great margins of 70% – 90%.
2.  Become an Affiliate where Bonfire assigns a unique affiliate code that customers can use upon checkout to receive discounts and which through sophisticated software, tracks their purchases, earning 20% commissions to the affiliate on those sales.
3. Place an affiliate banner ad on your website, blog, or Facebook fan page – the banner ads are embedded with your unique affiliate code, enabling the affiliate to earn 20% commissions on any sales that result from customers clicking through from a banner ad.

Want to become an affiliate? Please contact Paul Kratka, Director of Operations at 877.466.4762 or

Bonfire is also designed to be integrated into ministry and corporate wellness programs. For more info please contact Dr. Paul:

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