Living healthy can be hard…we make it easier.


Bonfire is a lifestyle. It’s a way of living.

The Bonfire Program is a free web-based lifestyle transformation program that makes it easy to add 39 new good habits to your life in 90 days. For free.

The truth is that it can be hard to live healthy.

It’s hard to make healthy choices. It’s hard to live naturally in an unnatural world…in fact, it’s too easy to live unnaturally. You are surrounded by unhealthy choices. Your life is probably incredibly busy and it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. Let’s face it, healthy choices are usually more expensive and less convenient than unhealthy choices. The result? People have never been sicker.

Whether your concerns include weight loss, stress management, heart disease, anxiety, energy, attitude, fitness, or optimal function, the Bonfire Program utilizes the most current, evidence-based strategies to help you create the body, the health, and the life that you want and deserve.

Why Bonfire?

The premise of Bonfire is that your health is your Bonfire…it is the source of your “light” – your heat – your energy. Everyone wants a bigger Bonfire! We know that the way that you EAT is your “FUEL”…the way that you MOVE is your “AIR” …and the way that you THINK is your “SPARK”…

When these three elements come together, the natural consequence is FIRE…and if any of the three are missing, there is no FIRE. This concept speaks to the comprehensiveness of our overriding narrative: All three areas of your life must be addressed on your quest for Optimal Health!

This is the essence of the Bonfire Lifestyle.

The Bonfire Lifestyle Strategies have helped thousands of patients increase their energy and fitness levels, build lean muscle, and reduce unwanted body fat.This proven system has helped people lose weight and reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar.  Most importantly, this comprehensive approach to health has helped countless people reduce stress and anxiety by helping them take control of their thought life to find balance, harmony, and peace of mind as the people below will attest to:


Stop trying diets that don’t work, jumping onto the next fitness fad, ignoring, denying, or just treating your symptoms with drugs…those strategies do not work. You will never create the body, health, or life that you want until you start doing the things that have been proven to work.  START NOW.

Who are we?
The Bonfire Program was developed by three leading doctors who created the system specifically for their patient families. The program has been shaped over 15 years by the experience of taking care of over twenty thousand patients – real people who have experienced better lives through better lifestyle strategies. 


Bonfire Health is a multi-media health education company that changes lives by changing lifestyles