Happy is the New Sexy

by drstephen


Want to be more attractive? Smile.

As it turns out, happy people are more attractive than sad, angry, stoic or confused looking people.

I don’t want to tell you how much money (and other resources) were invested to discover / prove this, but as it turns out, we are attracted to people who appear to be happy.

The scientist in me is compelled to double-click on the work attraction and unpack for you the logical explanation of this primal law.  I could write pages defending the notion that “happiness” conferred a reproductive or survival advantage to our ancestors…but need I?

(If you must…read here…and here)

Happiness wears many faces, but all of these faces are easy to read.

We know Joy when we see it.  We are wired to want more of it.  And we are driven to seek it’s source.

You can be its source. 

No perfume, sporty car or prestigious position can compete.

A smile is the magnet that pulls the strongest on the metal that we’re made of; but even more encouraging is the truth that smiles are always available and infinitely divisible. Give them away freely, you can always make more.

Happily (I am smiling.  I wish that I used emoticons, one would be useful here.),


Dr. Stephen Franson

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