Essential Elements

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Intrinsic to The Bonfire Health Program is the premise that human beings experience their greatest health potential when exposed to the optimal environment.  Our genes have been shaped over thousands of generations to require specific elements or nutrients in order to function optimally.  These essential elements have been identified and documented by the best researchers in the fields of physiology, nutrition, psychology and genetics, among others.  When these essential elements are provided consistently by our lifestyle choices and behavior patterns, cells function optimally.

Although our gene expression determines our physiology, our environment determines the expression of our genes.  The science of Epigenetics teaches us that our genes are subordinate to their internal and external environment.  Your internal environment is determined by your behavior patterns in three domains of lifestyle choice:  how you eat, how you move, and how you think.  When lifestyles are genetically congruent, man expresses better health.  In other words, when we eat, move and think in ways that compliment, rather than contradict, our genetic requirements for optimal cell function, we experience optimal health.  Therefore, health is the natural consequence of a genetically congruent lifestyle.

Conversely, when we eat, move and/or think in ways that are contrary to our innate design, we interfere with the natural expression of cell function.  In other words, when we make choices that are at odds with our genetic design, we express sickness.

When we choose behavior patterns that are inherently toxic to our bodies, such as poor food choices, or we neglect to include elements that are innately required for health, such as exercise or adequate sleep, we interfere with the natural expression of health and get sick.

Your life is a path.  Imagine that path is lined with cobblestones.  When complete, a cobblestone path provides sure footing and a stable journey.  When stones are missing, you can expect an uneasy, bumpy ride.  If the path is free and clear of debris, your walk is sure to be smooth and straight.  If the road is littered with rubble, you will likely trip and fall.  The essential elements that you choose to provide in your deliberate approach to your way of life are the cobblestones.  Any toxic choices or behaviors that you choose to practice will clutter your path and cause you to stub your toe – or worse.

The Bonfire Health Program represents the definitive summary of the outcomes determined by the most current research on the essential elements that your cells require to express health.  The best practices and vital behaviors recommended to ensure the provision of these elements are simple, but profound.  And most importantly, the leverage of the science of social change infused throughout the program will guarantee you the greatest opportunity to get these behaviors into your life and sustain these changes.  We help you do it – AND KEEP TO IT!

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