Do These Genes Make My Butt Look Big?

by drstephen

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The belief that our genes determine our experience is arguably the most dangerous trend in modern thinking in regards to health.

It is easy to understand why this way of thinking is attractive and believable. Firstly, if our genes dictate the way that our body will look, feel, and function, we are immediately relieved of the enormous responsibility of lifestyle choice.

Simple question: in the before and after photos above, did Kendra’s genetic code change?

The answer is a resounding “no.”  Kendra’s genes did not change, but the way that her body looks, feels, and functions did – dramatically.

So ultimately, what changed? Her gene expression changed.

Your body, your thoughts, your health – your life – is dramatically altered by gene expression. Your genes determine your potential. Your lifestyle predicts your outcomes. The choices that you make every day regarding how you eat, how you move, and how you think will determine how your genes are expressed.

Everyone is handed a guitar – what they choose to play is up to them.

Go make beautiful music,

Dr. Stephen Franson

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