Create the Life you Want – How to Inspire Lasting Personal Change

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“Fake it ‘til you make it!” they say, but where’s the long-term value in that approach?  If we spend energy just faking progress, how will we ever actually arrive at our destination?  It sounds much like the experience of people who sit in what look and feel like race car drivers’ seats, but after exhilarating, high-intensity video game simulations, find that they’re a dollar short and no further from where they were when they began.

Furthermore, isn’t substantial, positive change in quality of one’s life worth more than faking?  Isn’t it worth the effort to actually do something to bring desired change into being now, even if only for a moment initially?  It will become more permanent over repeated application.

In finding the change we want and determining the things we can do to bring that desire into reality, we can ask ourselves these questions:

• What areas of my life would I like to improve?

• What one change in each of those areas would I LOVE to see become reality?  (Let’s choose ones we would love since we’ll be far more inclined to keep working on them than those that would just be “nice to have.”)

• What can I put in front of me (or what can I go see) that will help me to internalize and personalize the desired goal?

• What can I do right now to make that change reality – even if only for this moment? [Example:  eat the healthy lunch option, take the stairs up to the second floor instead of the elevator, focus on the great opportunities in a tough situation]

• How can I make that same good decision from moment to moment in order to string the moments together until they become permanent components of my lifestyle?

Once we answer these questions for ourselves, we’ll be wise to combine them with proven principles from people who have already been where we want to go:

• Decisions become Lasting Changes when we take ownership of the consequences of our decisions and add before subtracting.

• In discussing The Formula for Failure and Success, Jim Rohn helps us look beyond immediate outcome to the lasting results today’s decisions project onto our futures (the article contains a direct correlation to Eat, Move, and Think – can you find it?) .

• Three stories from The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen speak to the small, seemingly insignificant actions we can take that, over time will lead to life-changing results.

Why “fake it ‘til we make it” when we can “be it until we become it?”

In Jim Cathcart’s book, Relationship Selling, he asks a key question that challenges us to be by decision until we become by nature:  “How would the person I want to become do the thing I’m about to do?”

Decide, execute, and become – it’s in us all to create the change we want!

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