Bonfire Spark Principles

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A comprehensive list of what Bonfire Health recommends in regards to…


  • Our lifestyle is designed to create the path of least resistance toward our desired outcome: wellness.
  • We know that we have inherited innate values from our genetic ancestors that ultimately promoted survival and reproduction.
  • We are conscious of our physiological state as it influences how we eat, digest, absorb, and assimilate our foods, heal and repair tissues, fight off infection, interact and relate with others, perform sexually, and sleep.
  • We choose to create the life we want, rather than move away from the life that we do not want.
  • We recognize that the innate daily requirements for emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual well-being are the “nutrients” that must be provided by our lifestyle choices.


  • We choose supportive relationships and positive environments.
  • We aspire to practice unconditional love and acceptance, but recognize that this does not imply unconditional approval.
  • We strive to maintain healthy and functional relationships through respect, honesty and trust.
  • Our primary objective is to maintain a state of unconditional love of God, self and others.

Holistic Living:

  • We maintain a holistic philosophy of genetically congruent living and the integration of our lifestyle choices in how we eat, move and think.
  • We recognize the intelligence of the human design and the significance of the mind’s relationship with our inner and outer world.


  • We experience peace of mind when our belief systems and behaviors are congruent with our inherited value system.
  • We strive to achieve and maintain a state of peace, alignment and balance.
  • We practice a natural rhythm of rest and repair (schedules/sleep patterns/vacations) in accordance with the seasonal trends, environmental pressures, and natural selection experienced by our genetic ancestors to ensure optimal mental and spiritual health.
  • We respect the Law of Cause and Effect and understand the benefits and/or consequences of our choices.

Belief Systems:

  • We are aware of our innate values, conscious of our belief systems, and recognize our ability to choose behaviors that are aligned with these.
  • Belief systems are learned, and therefore, we get to choose our belief systems.
  • We understand that our behaviors and choices are a direct reflection of our belief systems.

Stress Reduction:

  • We know that we experience stress, anxiety and tension when our belief systems, behaviors and choices are incongruent with our inherited values.
  • We acknowledge that there are belief systems, behaviors and choices that are inherently toxic to our emotional, psychological, intellectual well-being that must be avoided in our lifestyle choices.
  • Our objective is to observe our surroundings, accurately assess and respond to stimulation, and create healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stressors.
  • We choose positive and reaffirming self-talk.
  • We choose to consume abundant healthy fats and seek to maintain an ideal Omega 3:Omega 6 ratio for neurological, emotional and physical health, sharpness and longevity.

Respecting the Environment:

  • We respectfully recognize our responsibilities in stewardship to our families, communities and to the planet, and therefore practice mindfulness that we are an intrinsic part of a complex body and that our belief system, behaviors and choices influence the whole.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe to write personal things on my journal entries? Who sees this stuff anyways?
How does your emotional life impact to your overall health?
I suffer from depression/anxiety/mental disorders. Can the Bonfire program help me?


Is it safe to write personal things on my journal entries? Who sees this stuff anyways?
It is 100% safe to write whatever you are feeling in your online journal entries. While the site does note whether or not your are entering text at all (and you get to watch your happy faces light up with each entry!), the actual content is not monitored by the Bonfire Health staff in any way.  It’s important to be honest and real in your writings in order to get them most out of the exercises. So jot it down, scribble it out, and just let go!

How does your emotional life impact to your overall health?
Your emotional life and your stress levels have a huge impact on your overall life.  Some people eat a healthy diet, exercise frequently, but are complete stress balls.  This can be just as detrimental to your health as eating junk or being totally inactive.  Stress is a physiological response; its physical!!  Emotions are not just in your head, they effect your physiology.  And prolonged periods of emotional stress can screw up your metabolism, disrupt your rest and your critical sleep cycles, and overhauls your immune system. Stress has been implicated with aging, heart disease and cancer.  It taps out your systems, and robs you of your health potential.

I suffer from depression/anxiety/mental disorders. Can the Bonfire program help me?
While the wellness lifestyle is not a treatment for any specific disorder, getting healthy can certainly improve your mental state.  Employing the Bonfire Health wellness lifestyle in all three areas of your life: how you eat, how you move and how you think, won’t just conquer chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  It will also fight depression, anxiety and a variety of other mental and emotional diagnoses.  Taking control of your purpose and your focus is the first step in gaining control of yourself again.  While what you learn from Bonfire will absolutely help you with your challenges, it is not designed to supplement psychological care from your doctor.  If you are feeling depressed, anxious or in despair, please discuss it with your primary care doctor.